South Tulsa Community House

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About Us

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To ensure that Riverwood residents have access to safety net programs, pathways to self-determination, and crisis support, South Tulsa Community House (STCH) and our partners provide a wide range of social and health services under one roof, as close to their home as possible.  STCH serves one of Tulsa’s most vulnerable neighborhoods by providing and connecting low-income families and individuals to basic and supportive services.  We seek to help our community by empowering people to live more productive, self-sufficient lives.

South Tulsa Community House was established in 1996 as a social service agency to assist the residents of the Riverwood area of Tulsa. For over seventeen years STCH was located in small storefront locations providing basic services for families and individuals including food and transportation assistance, access to computers, internet, phone, fax and copier as well as GED classes and a Job Assistance Program.  On June 30, 2014, with the help of local foundation partners, STCH purchased a building at 5780 S. Peoria. After remodeling, we moved our operations on December 1, 2014. With additional space, STCH has expanded the food pantry, the Job Assistance Program, added a Bus Pass to Work Program and created a “One-Stop Social Service Center” featuring multiple non-profit organizations.   We are now serving an average of 375 households a month.