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Our facility at 5780 S. Peoria Avenue

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South Tulsa Community House (STCH) was established in 1996 as a social service agency to assist the residents of the 61st and Peoria neighborhoods.   For over seventeen years STCH was located in a small storefront location providing basic services for families and individuals including food and transportation assistance, access to computers, internet, phone, fax and copier as well as GED classes and a Job Assistance Program. Our mission statement, Help a Little, Empower a Lot, describes our efforts to help the residents become more self-sufficient and lead a more productive life.

On June 30, 2014, STCH through the help of local foundation partners, purchased a building located across the street at 5780 S. Peoria.  After remodeling, STCH moved their operations to the new building on December 1, 2014. With four times more space, STCH has expanded the food pantry, the Job Assistance Program and added a Bus Pass to Work Program.  In addition, St. John Clinic/Family Medical Care has a clinic in our building providing adult and child primary care services including maternity care.  Emergency Infant Services, Restore Hope Ministries, Tulsa County Health Department, Veterans Administration and Eastern Oklahoma Community Food Bank will offer additional services. As a result STCH is developing into a “One Stop” service provider for this transportation challenged neighborhood.

STCH is a program of the South Peoria Neighborhood Connection Foundation (SPNCF) which is a 501 (c) (3).  The initial goal of SPNCF is to bring public and private partners together to provide support services including food assistance, educational programs, health care, social services and employment opportunities for the residents of the 61st and Peoria area.  The ultimate goal of SPNCF is creation of a safe and comfortable environment that revitalizes the 61st and Peoria area through economic growth, better jobs, improved housing and effective education, thus enhancing the quality of life and community pride.

Thank you for supporting your Community House.