South Tulsa Community House

Reducing hunger Combating poverty Providing empowerment for over 25 years!


South Tulsa Community House provides a hub of hope for individuals and families in need.

Our mission is to empower Riverwood individuals and families by reducing hunger, combating poverty, and providing a Pathway to Empowerment to improve lives through direct services and collaborations.

South Tulsa Community House is located  in the middle of one of Tulsa’s most vulnerable neighborhoods  (61st & Peoria), STCH is a social service organization that is dedicated to not only assisting residents with their immediate needs but empowering them toward self-sufficiency and greater independence.

Reducing Hunger

Serving thousands of meals to hundreds of families, of which 98% are considered to be less than 30% of the median U.S. family income level

Combating Poverty

Providing services like computer/internet access, transportation, access to medical services, legal aid, and more

Provide Empowerment

We believe that by meeting the needs each individual has to combat poverty and hunger we are able to provide a pathway to empowerment!
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Hope has a home, and that is South Tulsa Community House.

With the help of great partner organizations, we offer a “One-Stop Social Service Center” in the heart of Riverwood. Yes, hope has a home, and that is South Tulsa Community House.



Hope has a home, and that is South Tulsa Community House.

When there is no food in the refrigerator, where do you turn? How do you apply online for jobs when you don’t have a computer or the Internet? What happens when you have to meet with a social worker downtown and you have no money for the bus? What do you do when you need a job, but you can’t get an interview because you did not graduate high school?

In Riverwood, the answer is South Tulsa Community House!

30 Partners
In Collaboration

400,000+ lbs.
of Food Processed

3,000 Volunteer
Hours Served

100,000 Meals

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